Gemma - A family of lightweight, state-of-the art open models!

I was thrilled to stumble upon Gemma today - Google’s fresh release in the world of AI! :star2: Gemma brings two variants - Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, each loaded with pre-trained and instruction-tuned models currently available on Kaggle and Hugging Face. It’s all set for you to explore, tailored for different frameworks and hardware platforms. Let’s dive in together!:dizzy:

Here is a quick overview of Gemma specs:

  • Gemma: Open language models by Google DeepMind.
  • Includes 2B (trained on 2T tokens) and 7B (trained on 6T tokens) models.
  • Outperform Llama 2 7B and Mistral 7B on benchmarks.
  • Architecture: Transformer decoder with enhancements.
  • The models are trained on a context length of 8192 tokens.
  • Trained on web docs, math, code; not explicitly multilingual or multimodal.
  • Vocabulary: 256K tokens, uses subset of SentencePiece tokenize, byte-level encodings for unknown tokens.

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