Rubisight Overview Session

Hi All,
Find the dashboard used in Rubisight Overview Session. This dashboard demonstrated most of the functionalities in Rubisight platform. The funcationalities used in the dashboard are as follows -

  1. Data Dictionary used for Rubisight dashboard creation.
  2. Calculated Column for creating the Agening (Used Logical Condition)
  3. Show and Hide Chart Options for multiple charts showcase
  4. Data level security for row level access permission to users
  5. Parameters (Growth and KPI) created for dynamic visualisations
  6. HTML for Page navigations
  7. Highlight Table to highlight the number based on condition
  8. Aggregate Line for Analytics viewpoint.
  9. Annotations and Commentary
  10. Top and Bottom Analysis

Most of the functionalities are covered and demonstrated for the users to use the dashboard. If you want to view the dashboard let me know in the comment