Uncover Deeper Insights with Overlapping Widgets in Rubisight

Uncover Deeper Insights with Overlapping Widgets in Rubisight

Imagine seamlessly layering data visualizations for richer storytelling. Rubisight’s overlapping widgets unlock this power, letting you create impactful, layered narratives.

Key benefits:

Reveal hidden connections : Overlay charts to expose relationships invisible in separate views.

Boost comparisons : Effortlessly compare datasets or variations within one dataset. Gain deeper understanding by overlaying charts, facilitating analysis.

Maximize space : Overlapping widgets efficiently utilize screen space, letting you display multiple charts without clutter.

Highlight key trends : Focus viewers’ attention by placing a smaller chart on top of a larger one, emphasizing specific data points.

Create interactive experiences : Use buttons or controls to switch between overlaid charts, giving viewers dynamic exploration power.

Get started in simple steps:

1.Add Parameters.

2. Select Parameter widget and link

3. View the overlapping visuals by just clicking the radio button


Start layering your data stories today with Rubisight’s overlapping widgets!