Why Google and Open AI should consider Open Sourcing Old Models?

When Meta entered the generative AI space anxious after the launch of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5-based ChatGPT, they were actually clueless about how to even register their presence in the AI space. OpenAI was the cynosure of all eyes in this space.

However, an unexpected incident occurred at Meta when their LLaMA model, created to assist researchers, was leaked on 4chan just a week after its announcement in March. The incident, which initially threatened to spell ‘game over’ for Meta, transformed the AI space forever and the company became the biggest player in the open source AI community.

Find the link - https://analyticsindiamag.com/why-google-and-openai-should-open-source-old-models/

Let me know your thoughts on this -

Very interesting to read. I believe open sourcing of AI while boosting research will raise some fundamental questions about IP protection and ethical use.
Even today we see a lot of social media content completely generated using AI and its practically impossible to distinguish between real and artificial.
Considering more powerful tools with wider reach to everyone the top question on my mind remains on how to stop misuse.

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Absolutely Correct, even Chat GPT launch GPT - 4 which is more advanced with multimodal (web browse, data analysis, creating images), It can support any file type now, pdf, png, jpg, csv etc. Open AI is coming with all, its a massive release .